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Nothing is worse than being stuck in traffic on a hot day when the AC in your truck is on the fritz. There’s an awful lot that can take out your cab’s AC — so the best way to avoid these problems is through preventative maintenance. Stop by Korre Mechanical at the start of winter and summer to have you cab’s heater and AC checked out so you don’t face the unpleasant surprise of a problem when you use it the first time that season.

Don’t let anyone fool you, the over-the-counter A/C recharge kits in a can are not a proper solution for air conditioning repair. If your air conditioning system has failed – there is likely a leak. Not only are you charging your system with a non genuine refrigerant, but it is sure to leak out. Leave it to the experts at Korre to maintain your air conditioning system to keep your system performing at its best year after year.

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